The Grit of It Zine- Visual Journey Sneak Peak


In just a couple of weeks, the Grit of It will be setting off to Detroit to interview and photograph residents for a special edition Grit of It zine.

It’s not often we get a glimpse into the start and middle of a project. We don’t always get to see the jotted notes, the scribbles, emails, the journal entries and agendas of a finished project.  In true grit fashion, the finished product is a zine of the unpolished process.

The Grit of It zine will be a visual journal detailing my journey.
I will share my own personal process for this project, my visual journal, from start to finish.   From my first idea of heading to Detroit, the planning, the up’s and downs, the words of advice from others before and during my trip to Detroit along with the photos and interviews of the folks I meet.

In preparation for my trip, I have been seeking advice, motivation and encouragement from my friends and local artists. Their words and photographs will be featured in the zine.

Here is a sneak peak of my interviews with Cameron Kidd, Courtney Wendland, Kye Plant, Mary Rubin and Paul Fenger. Their full interviews will be published in the Grit of It zine Fall 2016









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