the grit of it
Victoria, BC

Bio: Talkin' Grit Interviews and portraits of inspiring and creative people who share how they get through the bumps in life with a little grit! thegritofit@gmail.com "Mistakes are made, tough times come and you learn. A simple concept of course, but easily forgotten in the pages of beautiful selfies and lives that seem so amazing on timelines. There is a real beauty in mistakes and hard times. A lot of humour too! It’s just part of this amazing human experience. I wanted to start a blog that featured this strength of people. Who can say “fuck, it’s not always easy” but who can also laugh and look back at those times where mistakes were made and hope was lost and share those times with people. Send some hope to those who are in that discouraging leg in their journey. Let them know they’re not alone. Life can feel shitty sometimes. It doesn’t always make sense. But we can learn from each other. We can take off the masks and be real. We don’t always need to be so separate. It’s so easy to prejudge people and assume we know their story. I think we are all imperfectly perfect. The blog also is an opportunity to see what people in Victoria are up to. The creative projects they’ve started, their art, music, business, books etc. True Grit comes with the pursuit of a goal or objective so I wanted to feature people who are currently working on a creative endeavour." -Sara Hembree The Grit of It was created by Sara Hembree in 2014. Sara is a portrait/music photographer based in Victoria, BC. All interviews and portraits on this site are by Sara Hembree, unless otherwise stated.

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