Zoubi Arros


 How long have you been playing music?

I was fourteen when I held a guitar for the first time. I bought one for myself as soon as I could after that. When I started writing lyrics, I was much too scared to sing them at first. It’s been a good nine years that I’ve been singing and writing my own songs. And forevermore!

You spent your early life on Hornby Island, how did that have an affect on you creatively?

Growing up on Hornby Island made a lasting impression on my creativity. Being able to wader the woods alone without sense of time was a very nurturing experience for the sensitive kid that I was. I don’t know if my personality was shaped by my experience or if I was drawn to nature by my personality. Either way, Hornby and I got along swimmingly.

Album that most inspires you?

Well, I’ve been inspired by many albums. I used to jam along to my Ratatat album, as well as the classic; “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac. I am consistently inspired by “Grow up and Blow Away” by Metric. The Black Keys, Otis Redding, Patsy Cline. Gee, the list goes on!

What are you excited about in life right now?

I’m excited about the opportunities that I have. Being a part of this blog. Studying at the Conservatory of Music. I’m exhilarated by change in general right now.

When did you last feel a sense of accomplishment?

Oh, after my photo shoot for this wicked blog. Also after every word I respond to these interview questions.
Celebrate every win.

How often do you deal with feelings of rejection? How do you handle these
kinds of feelings?

Rejection. Hmm, not often enough. If I were putting myself out there more frequently, I would certainly get rejected more often.
I deal with rejection by hashing out my feelings on paper. Escaping by painting a landscape. Then, once my confidence comes crawling back, I try to reassess and set the bar a little lower. Try, try again.

Where do you wish to be in five years? What are your fears that come with that dream?

In five years, I’d like to have at least one professionally recorded album under my belt. I’d also settle for enrolment in Performance Arts, Sound Engineering or anything to advance my music career.
This dream comes with fears of becoming stagnant. Which for me, happens when I’ve lost the motivation to book shows for myself, record music, or write songs. I’m frightened of losing my motivation or my hope. Not having the guts to take a chance or promote my music.


When do you feel most vulnerable?

When I have to prove my worth -at a job interview for example. Also, crowds. I’m more of a wide-open spaces kinda gal.

What have been some struggles you’ve had while pursuing music?

I’ve struggled with motivation and trying to understand where inspiration stems from. Self-promotion has always been a challenge.

If you could change one thing in your life, right now, what would it be?

I would be in a cozy recording studio with quality equipment and a person who knows what buttons to push. Warm ginger tea in hand.

What’s the most important thing you express through your music?

Hopefully a symbiotic connection. I believe that the emotions I express through my music are ones that are universal. Music is my preferred way to connect to other people. Writing next. Conversation is just a means of being quick and convenient for me.

What is happiness to you? Are you there now?

Happiness is living in the moment, not worrying about the future or regretting the past. When I’m on stage or doing something else that requires total focus, I’m at peace.
In this moment, answering these questions, I am very happy. In life as a whole, I’m content but eager to get some more accomplished.


Little Zoubi

Can you tell me something that people would be surprised to know about you?

Hmmmmmm. When I was fifteen, I smuggled a large bean into Canada. Now it serves its purpose as a shaker.

Best song line ever written?????

Wow oh gosh. Oh my.
Leonard Cohen’s
“Like a bird on the wire,
like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free.”

Last question…. a motto that keeps you going?

My sisters always told me, “Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you will land among the stars”



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