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I’ve known Jes (a.k.a. Tuesday) for a couple of years now. She was my first interview for The Grit of It back in October 2013. I decided to interview her again for this project having a new format and a better idea of what I was doing.

Tuesday and I are both relatively new in our artistic pursuits. She’s been a good source for me to speak too about the up’s and downs of pursuing my passion, often going through the same obstacles and insecurities as well as the excitement that comes with it.

I hope to feature her more in the future and follow her story as an emerging artist in Victoria. She is currently an apprentice artist at Wolf/Sheep Art House. Her dedication and raw talent have been a huge inspiration to me. Check out her Facebook page, Flukeworks Gallery

My interview with Tuesday Martin:


You’ve been busy working and spending lots of time at Wolf/Sheep.
What kinds of things are you currently working on?

T: Right now I am working towards putting together a body of work to gather enough material to put on an art show. Maybe it will be collaborative show or it may just be me! It’s a lot of brain storming for different things both with paint as well as sculptures and photography.

How did you get involved with Wolf/Sheep?

T: It was actually in the queer community of Victoria that I ended up meeting someone who works at Wolf/Sheep. She was over at my house and noticed one of my paintings on the wall and invited me down to witness one of the weekly “See You Next Tuesday” get togethers that we still do now and that has been going on for quite some time. I ended up falling in love with the dark studio. I loved the feeling of being surrounded by other artists just creating. I have never gone to art school and have not particularly ever had any other friends that were as interested in creating art like myself growing up. I guess it was me being in the right place at the right time that landed me the opportunity to slowly gain a place down there.

Can you tell me a little bit about your art, what you work with and your creative process?

T: My art is abstract. When people look at my work they start to derive their own images and meanings and that’s what I love about it. My favorite thing to do when someone asks me what it is, is to reply with “well what do you see?”. That’s why I love art so much. I love hearing how it makes people think or feel. It can be very frustrating to paint if I am not at ease in my mind. I get very frustrated and end up turning everything into mud if I am not patient and collected. I used to do some simple stencil work and it took a lot of time and was therapeutic in its own way… When I started using spray paint it was also very fun especially when working with something like watered down acrylics… There are so many different textures to be gained at different thicknesses and layering… I love using flat small pieces of ply wood and dragging the paint across the canvas much like one of my favorite artists Richter. Painting lends me a sense of ‘peace in my mind’.


When do you most feel discouraged? How do you keep going?

T: I feel most discouraged when I feel like I am not producing enough. Mostly it’s self sabotage. I will see other people creating more often or more frequently or with tools that I don’t yet understand how to use and it bothers me that I am not better. Always wanting to be better at everything immediately. It takes me stepping back and disconnecting from what is happening with everyone else around me and just making a point to do it for myself… do it for myself because that’s why I want to do it in the first place. When I was little I didn’t paint because I wanted to impress someone.. I was painting because I wanted to. I painted because it felt good. I try to paint and create because it feels good. Not because I am trying to be the best at everything.

How has Wolf/Sheep helped you grow creatively?

T: A few artists in particular have been very beneficial to me down at the shop. I have this very special relationship with Erik Van Kobra where he will come into the studio and tell me that my painting sucks. He will tell me why he thinks it sucks and leave me with it. At first my ego will get all puffed up and I’ll think “well fuck you then… I poured my heart and soul into this!” but always in hind sight I could have been much more diligent. With my trust in his judgement my art has evolved ten fold and my old pieces are unrecognizable in comparison to what I am creating today. This is a very comforting thought and I will continue to swallow criticism if it means that I can trade my ego and pride for a chance to grow.


How many tattoo’s do you have? Any you regret?

T: I have two half sleeves, the back of my right calf, and a small compass in the center of my back. I used to have the GIRL skateboarding logo on the back of my leg which was just constantly confused for the girls bathroom sign…. that has since been covered up but pretty hilarious nonetheless. Some days I miss it. I could always get another one though I suppose.

If you won $50,000. tomorrow, what would you spend it on?

T:  A trip to Europe to visit every art gallery for me and a friend. hands down. I’ll be gone until the money runs dry.

What makes you happy?

T: Seeing other people happy makes me happy. Animals make me happy. The ocean always, always, always makes me happy. Art makes me happy. Sad things sometimes make me happy. Music… I guess the usual things. Same as everyone else. Not too complex in that regard. The simple things make me happy. Food, shelter, coffee.


What are some fears you have in your life right now?

T: Mostly money as per the usual. I’m afraid of dying of cancer. I am afraid of sharks. Love. Not loving. Inferiority. I also am pretty good at putting my fears aside and not letting it bog up my mind. Face everything as it comes.

What is your favourite quality in a person?

T: All someone needs is good intentions and a kind heart.

Who inspires you?

T: Every artist inspires me. People who do what they love inspire me. My mother inspires me to be a better person as well. It’s hard to pick one source of inspiration because everything in life is always moving and so are people. One minute they are there and the next they are gone. Obviously there are a lot of really amazing artists and leaders from the past that surpassed the human expectation but I guess my top three would have to be Chuck Palahniuk, Caravaggio, and Andrea Martin.

After completing a canvas, seeing it on a wall, how do you feel?

T: Like destroying it. Not so much painting over but literally setting it on fire. I have never met a painting that felt complete anyways.


What has been the most important thing you’ve learned in the last year?

T: Mind my own fucking business to the best of my ability and do the best that I can do whatever that looks like at the time. I am a very emotional person and my relationships affect me greatly. This means that when my affairs are not in order with others, I couldn’t possibly find a moment of quiet in my mind to lend to another subject. It’s very consuming for me.

Best way to spend a Friday night in Victoria?

T: A walk that starts at the Blue Bridge and ends at Ogden Point Breakwater with some kind of drink… Then its off to one of the clubs! Unfortunately! Except for the fact that there is the highest density of the raddest cats I have in this city. You gotta go out to people watch. So many rad folks to get down with. I can be spotted between the polar opposites of Touch Lounge and Lucky Bar.


What are you looking forward to?

T: The day where whatever I am doing is enough for me. The day that I finally feel grown up and am taking care of all my affairs – whatever that looks like. Paying bills and doing laundry. Maybe I am more looking forward to the day that I just run away and become a full-time gypsy like when I was a teenager and stop giving a fuck. But you kind of have to..

Quote/motto that you live by?

T: Just this moment – that’s all you have to worry about.

Can you tell me a secret?

T: I still have a huge crush on Brittany Murphy, even though she’s dead.



Thank you, Jes!!! You’re RAD!

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