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So excited to have Hundy Thou be part of this project! LOVE these guys!

Mark CASK and Chris SPEAKEASY of HUNDY THOU, know GRIT….

Listen here!

When you were growing up, what rappers did you listen to most?

M: “All Over the World” featuring Barrington Levy was probably the most listened to rap song of my early teens(shout out to Can Con). Busta Rhymes and MF Doom broke my brain during my later teens and early twenties.

C: I mostly listened to the Beastie Boys, Dead Prez, Mos Def and Blackalicious

How long have you been rapping? 

C: Since I was a fetus. Believe it.

M: From the womb to the Tomb aka like 19….

What were some of your fears putting this group together?

M: No Fear. Punk roots imbued not giving a shit and just getting out there. Talent will always come with practice and time. Thinking back on how sloppy Hundy was and how much we have grown over the years really hammer that point home. A little delusion doesn’t hurt when you’re starting out.

C: My only worry was how people were going to react to us, but that faded quickly as we started doing more shows and people liked us.

A lot of rappers reveal a lot about their personal struggles and upbringings, do you use music to sort your sh*t out and express those personal trials?

C:  For sure. I’m rappin’ bout what life is like for me, you can take a peek into my world through the music.

M: As far as struggles go: I am an able bodied, cisgender white dude. I think other rappers can do it justice by forming their literal experiences into enjoyable music, but I have never been comfortable doing so. If people ever have been to a Hundy show, they would understand that our raps are more of an abstract catharsis of who we are and what we want to convey. That is both our style and our intention.

What’s the hardest part of working in a duo?

M: For the most part, being in a duo rules. We have become really close over the years and that has brought out a very organic chemistry both on stage and in the studio. The only beef is that we are separate entities with different wants needs and lives. Everything would be much easier if we were attached to the hip. Like…literally. I’m picturing the next David Cronenberg movie…I should pitch him the idea.

C: Finding time to get together for recording or practicing.

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more sex, more money, more power??? What’s the most important? What’s the biggest problem?

M: Always more sex and more money! Power is the only problem unless it’s the ability to do what you want in your best interest and not hurt other people which are never the case. Hierarchy is fucked!

C: I feel like I’m doing pretty well in all those categories. I’d probably say sex is at the top of the list, the other two aren’t that important to me. The biggest problem? I couldn’t see any of those things being a problem if you handled it right. It’s all in how you conduct yourself.

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What are your pet peeves about each other?

C:  He never brings a fully cooked chicken from the grocery store when he comes over. A beverage of some sort what also be nice.

M: Crispy Christ Aka Brillo Aka Speak Ezee Aka Christopher Hernandez ( \also a Cancer) is too damn chill! Like WAY TO CHILL ABOUT EVERYTHING. Love the guy, but he makes me look like George Costanza. Plus he is really handsome. Es muy Guapo!

Last argument you had was over……?

M: Where to eat

C: It was probably over a place to eat out. That’s an important discussion.

Creatively, are you usually on the same page? How do you deal with conflicting ideas?

M: Our longevity is due to us being able to work with each other really easily . Not really any egos here. If one of us has an issue about something we are doing, we deal with it. One of my raps from “Breezy” sums it up

“Let me Tell you sir, Speak is my editor. Better the homie help me than risking a shitty metaphor. Cause that’s what friends are for: making sure your shit is tight. If you come with no class; they humble your bumbling ass”.

C: Yeah for the most part it seems. We both listen to the beat and write our parts separatelyand then meet up and show each other what we did. After that we just figure out the structure of the song together, it’s a pretty chill process.

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How much are you affected by criticism, whether, real or imagined?

C:  It doeesn’t affect me very much but it is good to hear varying opinions, it shows the bigger picture.

M: The most important criticism is people shaking their bodies and sweating profusely at one of our shows.  There is the classic cliché of the artist being their biggest critic and I think it applies. But yeah, as long as people are shaking their ass it doesn’t matter.

What’s next for you guys?

M: Meekly going where everyone has already been before.

C: Dropping another little EP called ‘SWEAT’ this summer. Play shows till we die.

Can you write me a mini-rap to do with having True Grit?

M: “True Grit: the type that cuts right through the bullshit. John Wayne can’t explain how it helps inside a mosh pit.”


A song/album that inspires you? 

C: Paul’s Boutique by the Beastie Boys. That record is pure creativity.

M: “Early in the Morning” by 80’s funk powerhouse the Gap Band cause I got to get up early! “Get down on It” by Kool and the Gang because it is one of the greatest songs of all time. Anything by the Isley Brothers, Willie Nelson, War, The Ramones, Black Flag, the Melvins, NomeansNo, Bill Withers and Townes Van Zandt.

Some words for someone who might need some encouragement while pursing their creative project?

C: Don’t stop. Never stop and you’ll still be doing it.

M: Nike that shit! Someone is bound to be down!

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Check out their video “Breeze”……..

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