The Mants

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What are you guys/ants working on right now?

We always have a number of experiments running in our underground Mants Laboratory, but the majority of those are snack based to be honest – snack foods are one of the few notable accomplishments of your primitive species.  As to the band, our “Destroyed by Fuzz” 7″ record will be coming out this fall on Manglor Records, and we’re working on new material for a full length.  Plus there’s the whole destroying the human race thing we do – yeah, that’s always on the go.


 How long have you been playing in this particular band?

Your concept of linear time amuses us.  For example you may consider that we have returned these interview questions over 3 weeks late, but in actual fact our Mantronic 6400 supercomputer has predicted your questions and we have completed this interview BEFORE YOU EVEN ASKED THE QUESTIONS.  We’re cool like that. As to your original question, humans will have perceived variations of The Mants in existence since 1996. We shit you not.


 How do you let go of peoples opinions and ignorance toward you?

We make sure we have fun doing what we do – other people’s opinions don’t count for squat after that. We probably shouldn’t mention this, but a few years ago we had a couple of sugary sodas one night in the lab and for a laugh we created a truly horrible band of androids. Even by your low standards these guys were awful. We set the stink settings at maximum and set them loose – we figured someone would call us on that one after a couple of months.  Here we are years later, and Nickelback are still riding high.  What’s my point? There’s no accounting for taste with the human race. Now go buy our stuff!

What do you think is the key to overcoming judgement from others?

We’re big fans of disintegrating rays, but that’s likely not the answer you’re looking for… How about “Do what makes you happy, and screw everybody else and their judgement crap?” Shawn read that in a fortune cookie once.


I’m going to get honest here, I’ve squished a few ants in my day. Ants are continuously facing threats like this along with magnifying glass, Raid and other poisons. Lets face it, humans find ants to be pests. That must conflicting. Do you use your music as an outlet for repressed feelings towards humankind and other aggressions?

We don’t repress our feelings towards humankind – we’ve made it clear it’s you who are the pests!


Do you ever get nervous before a show? Greatest fear?

No, we look forward to the onslaught of insults, out of tune playing and general unpredictable slop of performing live. Greatest fear? That they stop making Pop Shoppe Pop – that stuff is awesome. We’ve been stockpiling Lime Ricky in case there is a shortage.


Any womants in your life?

Yes, although Gordon is still searching for that very special She-Mant who enjoys long walks along the beach, sunsets, pan flute music and terrorizing humans with cattle prods (preferably all at the same time).  Interested applicants may contact him through our website.


What are your plans for this summer? Crashing any picnics?

We’re just chillin’.


Can you write me a song lyric, in Mant fashion, that relates to having “true grit”?

Had enough of your monkeyin’ around

Spend too much time with yer knuckles on the ground

Hanging out with them damn dirty apes

Keep your slack jaw closed with electrical tape

Think for yourself straighten out that shirt

Before The Mants grind you into the dirt



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