Mattie Sawatzky

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Hey Mattie!!

What have you been working on the past few months?

Have put together many, many cassette tapes, lead the organization of first ever Shake/arama music festival, have been shooting as much film as possible on my late 60’s Konica and have gotten back into art through a variety of mediums; collage, spray paint, and pen.

Untitled-1How many bands are you in?

Well aha, three I guess but really only one that is being pursued full-time at the moment, which is The Electric Dates.

What is Shake/Arama? What inspired you to put it together?

Shake/arama is a garage/punk/psych music festival which took place over 3 days in Victoria at the end of June. I really wanted to do a decent tour this spring but my band mates work schedules and other responsibilities prevented that so, I decided to contact all the bands we had met on previous tours and entice them out to the island for an early summer weekend rock’n’roll party.

What did you learn about yourself while putting this festival together?

Marijuana doesn’t help with everything.


For you, what is key in putting together successful projects/shows?

Giving myself ample time to think about it, come up with ideas and organizing things in advance to avoid last-minute stresses.

What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail? (from the INSTA-GRIT project)…..


You’ve made a bit of a transition from your career path as a geologist to founder of Shake Records. Were you afraid of taking such a big leap?

Of course! Theres good money in geology and not so much in the record biz .. its more of a do it for the love of it kinda thing so as you can imagine and its been tough but extremely rewarding. Am glad I did it! Now as I head back to school this fall at UVic to purse Environmental Restoration, the label is almost at the point of supporting itself completely.

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What is happiness to you? Are you there now?

True happiness for me is being content in mind, body and heart which in turn frees a person to live life to the fullest. It has been quite the journey but yes!

What are you afraid of?

Big spiders freak the hell outta me.

Untitled-1cCan you remember a time when you felt like giving up/quitting?

Oh definitely, sometimes you wonder if anyone gives a shit or if all of your efforts are in vain.

What happened? How did it change?

There were a string of bad reviews last new years from a certain music blog aha, on its way out but was quite a hub in its heyday .. the only thing they’ll get in the mail anymore from me is anthrax! No, not really but yeah it was pretty brutal. The encouragement and positivity that radiates from my core group of friends quickly made me realize that assholes didn’t matter.


Where do you wish to see yourself in 5 years?

Sheesh, this is a touch one, well I’d like to be working in the Environmental Sciences, still doing Shake! of course and to be debt-free & happy!

Favourite local bands?

Psychosomatic Itch ! es’!

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Can you write me a song line that relates to having “grit”?

You’re a bad-ass mother who don’t take no shit from nobody.

Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll…which if your favourite ?

I’d have to say rock’n’roll because with out that you don’t get sex or drugs


Words for someone who might be feeling alone or misunderstood?

You can be whatever you want to be, never give up as you will achieve what you set out to achieve.

Mantra or song lyric that you live by?

Hakuna Matata.

Last question, can you tell me a secret?

I shot myself in the crotch with a roman candle by complete accident during an outdoor show on my 19th birthday .. Was aiming to shoot them in the air but wooeee that was a hot one! Luckily for me it missed my parts hit the side of my thigh. It was really a rock’n’roll miracle.

Check out Mattie’s first episode for Shake TV…..


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