Julian Guderley & Kimberly Dean

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The beautiful duo behind Templed Mind Studio share their grit and a little bit of romance!  Meet Julian & Kimberly!

How long have you and Julian been a couple? 

 K: Just over 3 years.

Do you remember the first time you met? What was your first impression?

J: Yes I remember that moment. I was in Canoa, Ecuador at the tail end of a several month long South America Trip in 2011. Our eyes caught each other and I instantly knew I have to meet this person. There was something in the air in this moment, which made it particularly different from seeing just anyone – for this moment though all we could do was exchange smiles and the moment passed. Just a second in time. Changed my life.

K: We met on an Ecuadorian beach in a sleepy fishing/surf village called Canoa. He had the afterglow from being in the ocean all day and I had the odor of a sticky 10-hour bus ride. I had the impression that he was someone I would want to know. I immediately noticed his great smile.


When we met, you showed me a wall in your bedroom that was entirely covered with drawings and clippings… it was your vision board. How long have you been doing vision boarding and what impact do you think it has on your life?

J: Vision boarding has been part of my life since I can remember. Seriously. I was fifteen when I spent a year in Paraguay, as part of an international exchange, in my bedroom in Paraguay I pinned memories, pictures and future desires on my wall. Once back in Germany, age 16, I started covering my entire bedroom with commercials, postcards, etc. The idea has always been to DREAM actively. That is also the impact it has on my life. Many things that have been represented on my vision boards have become solid memories and realities. I can only recommend this process, in fact I offer Vision boarding Workshops at Templed Mind Studio – simply because it is a lot of fun and it creates so much focus.


What has been the biggest challenge while working with your partner?

K: We have different ways of filing/organizing/prioritizing. We are learning how to communicate these differences so that our shared system works for both of us.

J: Private space: “Me-Time”. Also Communicating clearly, efficiently, direct and non invasive. I feel that’s a big one anyhow, when you live and work in the same space there is not a lot of room for miscommunication. Believe me. It kind of forces you to learn quickly.

Best part about living and working with your partner?

J: Laughing with each other. Living and working together shows you so intimately who you are yourself and who your partner is. Being able to laugh about hard, easy, funny and serious moments is a gift. To be honest, I wish for even more moments where this gift is accessible to ME.


When was the last time you felt discouraged?

J: Yesterday. It involves a dog, my dog and a very different opinion, between her and I, what off leash control means.

How do you stay optimistic while starting a new business?

K: Julian and I share a visionboard the size of a whole wall in our bedroom. Seeing this every morning and night reminds me of the goals we are working towards. I also stay optimistic by repeating in my head the best conversations I’ve had with our studio visitors. I have had many “this studio has changed my life” conversations. Holding space for these life-changing moments makes it all worth it.

Best moment at Templed Mind in the last year?

J: EVERY time a class is booked out. Honestly, every time. The gratitude and joy that comes over me in those moments is one of the best things I have ever experienced.


What is the number one thing you wish for Templed Mind to bring to our community?

K: We strive to be known as a community hub which offers quality facilitation for alternative, exploratory, engaging content with a focus on BODY / MIND / CREATIVE EXPRESSION. Simply put, we like to host opportunities for people to thrive by bringing self-awareness and balance into their lives.

How has Kimberly demonstrated “grit” while opening Templed Mind?

J: She has demonstrated sooo much grit. How? By being able to deal with me every day and mostly by operating a studio business on such an intimate and transparent level. For the first year of Templed Mind Studio everyone who was in the space is sharing our living space with us. Everyone! You have to have your sh..t together for this kind of thing.

What has being with Julian taught you about yourself?

K: My creative ideas can occasionally flood my mind. Julian has helped me focus my time and efforts to make my ideas tactile and profitable. He has taught me how to speak my truth instead of simply living in it.

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What is the sweetest thing about Julian?

K: There are so many sweet things about Julian. He is very verbal about how important I am to him. He gives the best hugs. He dances and does hand stands when he is really happy.


What do you envision for the upcoming year?

K: We are building our Templed Mind community daily, online and offline. I envision our community doubling in the next year. We currently offer 10-Class Passes and will also offer monthly memberships this Autumn. This way, our community can enjoy all of their favourite classes and workshops for an even better price, while getting discounts on premium events (stay tuned for details on (templedmind.com).

Best remedy for a bad day? 

K: Painting/Drawing/Writing/Uke-ing/Running/Hiking/Meditating in nature, Playing Arcana/Chess/Scrabble, Dancing, Cooking, Cuddling.

J: Run until you hit that spot that every cell in your body smiles again. If you are not a runner go squeeze your pet. If you don’t have a pet, mhm… don’t have bad days at all. The best remedy of all times is humour.

What is a motto you live by?

J: Live your dream.

K: I am responsible for my own happiness!

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Kimberly, can you make me a sketch of Julian? 


Can you write a sweet and short poem for Kimberly?

J: Yes, I can.

Every day, be so kind

Thank you for being part of Templed Mind

Love the moment, every time

Poetry is so pretty without the rhyme.

Dare to be, allow your voice

Stand strong and gentle like a tree

Feel the roots of who you are

Unique, brilliant, wunderbar.

This could go on for ever and ever

Me? We? Poet-ry?

Feel so free its only me

Everything you can, nothing you can’t

Choose Choose its all a choice

I am listening, speak with your hearts voice.


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