Iain Russell



 Hello Iain!!

What are you excited about right now?


What has been the hardest part about getting your new store put together?What has been the best part?

Having absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Seeing dreams become reality.

If someone wanted to stalk you, where would they most likely find you?

I rarely leave downtown Victoria so you will find me at, Habit coffee, Beacon Hill Park, The Royal BC Museum, the shop, and home.


Last time you felt alone? How do you deal with these kind of moments?

All the time… I am really lucky and have amazing family, and my close friends have all become collaborators on my various projects. I really struggle finding love which drains me emotionally. I’ve always struggled to find a partner that can respect, inspire, and support me.I really wish for nothing more that finding the special women that will hold me close as we create and share stories. I see my work as a reflection of myself and the love I have to share. When I am depressed want to hide but I am really lucky to have a massive community and living downtown I am always welcomed with friendly faces and kind conversation. I also remind myself that I have done, and will continue to do amazing work keeps me going.

What advice could you give someone who was feeling alone and discouraged about their artistic pursuits.

Step once Process Debrief:
What’s working – Face the facts something is always going ok within life or a project.
What isn’t working – List away… Start from scratch – If you were to start it all again what would you do.
Solutions – list everything from the wild and obscure to super basic.
Then go for a walk!


Social media pros and cons?

In the words of Marshall McLuhan “the medium is the message” social media is amazing. Something as visual as fashion can find a way to travel around the world. I use instagram as a medium. My message is personal and accessible. I tell stories about beautiful places and beautiful garments. The cons are different for everyone – I’ve never been able to figure out twitter and even a medium like tumblr that is very visuals I’ve struggled to find the same reach. Its kind of strange to only share a really curated version of life. But I do just hope that people see that it’s just a reflection of the places and people I love.

What are you afraid of?

It all falling down.

What, in your opinion, makes good design?

See Dieter Rams 10 principles of good design

Can you tell me about your tattoos?

I have a humming bird on my right hand, a tie on my right forearm, city of Victoria on my left under forearm, I love my mum on my chest, section two of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on my lower back, and a bunch of funny little stick and pokes on my right thigh.

A common misperception people have of you?

That its easy.

photoootoWhat do you think is the greatest cause of community segregation?

The internet has made it far to easy to compare yourself with others. We all struggle, we all need help. and at the end of the day we are all people. We want to be loved and respected. I work to bring people together share stories that inspire greatness. Instead of looking at what separates us, look at what can connect us. It is easy to stand with a megaphone and yell, its much harder to sit silently and listen. But it is when we share our stories that we become closer. Communities are a reflection of our collective stories. It is when these stories get passed around the global village that culture is formed.

What is your favourite article of clothing you own?

Viberg boots.


What do you love most about Victoria?

The weather.

What legacy would you like to leave on this earth?

That I was a nice man who inspired people

Name one person in Victoria who inspires you?

Bruce William Ross

Can you tell me a secret?

I just want to be held

Thank you Iain! You’re awesome!



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